RETAIN tip: H192455


Vital Product Data (VPD) queried from the hard drive firmware does not match the physical label on the hard drive. This data may be visible through Dynamic System Analysis (DSA), IBM Director, storage adapter utilities and logs, or similar applications used to gather system hardware inventory data.

The affected hard drives replacement part number (FRU) information:

  FRU 39R7344 label reported as FRU 39R7356 in VPD
FRU 39R7342 label reported as FRU 39R7354 in VPD
FRU 39R7340 label reported as FRU 39R7352 in VPD
FRU 39R7350 label reported as FRU 39R7362 in VPD
FRU 43X0805 label reported as FRU 43X0817 in VPD

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • System x3500, type 7977, any model
  • System x3550, type 1013, any model
  • System x3550, type 1913, any model
  • System x3550, type 7978, any model
  • System x3650, type 1914, any model
  • System x3650, type 7979, any model

This tip is not option specific.

This tip is not software specific.


VPD values do not affect hard drive performance and can be used as normal. If one of the affected hard drives requires service, use replacement part number (FRU) data on label to order the correct part.

Additional information

A small batch of hard drives exited manufacturing with improper VPD values.

The issue was corrected but some of the affected hard drives may be found in the field.

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2009-03-19일 수정


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