IBM 장비의 로그에서
no op rom 메시지가 발생하여
LOG에 LED가 들어오는경우 해결법입니다


Best practices for resolution on UEFI systems:

Follow these steps to try to resolve the error messages:

  1. Firmware updates may reduce ROM size requirements, so this may be a solution. Ensure all system and adapter firmwares are at latest levels.
  2. Disable the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) ROM of on-board NICs.

    The simplest solution to some PCI Option ROM space errors is to reduce the base system ROM requirements to the minimum necessary. Typically, this can be achieved by disabling the PXE (Network boot) ROM capability of the on-board Ethernet.

    Note: This does not disable the device in the operating system, it only disables its capability to perform a network boot.

    1. Access F1 setup,
    2. Select System Settings, Network, and then PXE Configuration
    3. Select the Media Access Control (MAC) address of the on-board Network Interface Controller (NIC) #1
    4. Change the Enable PXE / PXE Mode setting to "Disabled"
    5. Select Save Changes
    6. Select the MAC address of the on-board NIC #2
    7. Change the Enable PXE / PXE Mode setting to "Disabled"
    8. Select Save Changes

  3. Disable all Legacy options ROMs for all devices not booting.

    To disable Legacy Option ROMs boot the machine and press F1 to enter the UEFI menu.

    1. Select System Settings, Devices and I/O Ports, and then Enable / Disable legacy ROM execution.

      If machine is PXE or Storage Area Network (SAN) booting, do not disable the Legacy ROMs for adapters that are actually booting a Legacy (non-Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)) operating system on the machine

  4. Changing ROM order,

    1. Access F1 setup
    2. Select System Settings, Devices and I/O, and then Set option ROM execution order.

      Ensure that the on-board LSI storage controller is first in the list before the on-board Ethernet Devices.
  5. Move Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet cards to lower slot number as they tend to require more ROM Space and should initialize first to reduce chance of the problem occurring.
  6. PCIe adapters with PCI firmware spec 2.1 should be in lower slot numbers. PCIe adapter with PCI firmware spec 3.x does not need as much Option ROM space due to design changes.
  7. If problem is still occurring and there are any Intel Network Interface Controllers (NICs) in the machine use the following steps.

    1. Download the Intel v15.7 firmware and driver CD:


    2. Create a CD from the ISO image.
    3. Find the DOS BootUtil utility in this folder: \APPS\BootUtil\DOS\BootUtil.exe
    4. Find the UEFI BootUtil utility in this folder: \APPS\BootUtil\EFI64\BOOTUTIL64.EFI
    5. Use the BootUtil with the following parameters:

    For DOS machines:
    1. Copy the BootUtil.exe onto a bootable DOS floppy.
    2. Boot the floppy to DOS and run this command:

      c:\> BootUtil.exe -FLASHDISABLE -ALL

    For EFI machines:

    1. Copy the BOOTUTIL64.EFI utility to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Key.
    2. Boot a Full EFI Shell environment and then run the utility from the USB key with this command:


    Not all servers offer an EFI shell option (for example, x3690 X5, x3850 X5)

    For BladeCenter HX5, type 7873, only:

    HX5 7873 has a new setup option called "Non-system board PXE" under Legacy Support menu. (EnableNonPlanarPxe in Advanced Settings Utility (ASU).) If you do not need to use PXE boot on NICs other than system board/on-board NICs then this setting could be set to "Disable" to free up more space for option ROM and reduce the chances of this error. HX5 7872 will support this setup option in third quarter 2011 UEFI update release.

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RETAIN tip: H197144


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